matt zimmerman

Chief Agriculturist

Matt Zimmerman has nearly 30 years experience in designing, managing, advising on, and evaluating agricultural projects for the ADB, World Bank, UN agencies, USAID, NGOs, and the private sector, including 25 years in Asia and multiple short-term assignments globally.

Matt has expertise in a wide variety of fields, including: sustainable agriculture, agroecology, agroforestry, farmer training and extension systems, climate smart agriculture, agribusiness, and agriculture value chain analysis and development. He has also worked with private sector partnerships, ecolabelling (Organic, GAP, Rainforest Alliance, Sustainable Rice Platform), linking agriculture development to conservation of forests and protected areas; integrated conservation and development; and project design and management.

Matt has practical experience with growing vegetables, fruits, rice, coffee, cocoa, spices, and coconut. Previously, he owned and operated a commercial certified-organic vegetable and fruit farm in Cambodia for four years. He is currently serving as Capacity Building Specialist for GAP, Climate Smart Agriculture, and the Sustainable Rice Platform for an ADB-financed project in Cambodia.