nikki giacobazzi

Board Member

Nikki Giacobazzi is the Executive Director of The Abraham Foundation, which supports a variety of grassroots conservation organizations all over the globe. 

In 2018, she worked closely with world-renowned conservationist Lek Chailert to build Trunks Up, dedicated to the preservation and protection of Asian elephants. She is currently directing the growth of a global initiatives program to bring needed funding and awareness to fledgling conservation projects. The focus is on projects with a strong vision for community support, forest regeneration, and the preservation of endangered species, such as Asian and African elephants, bonobos, and lemurs. She approaches her work with the experience of running an international brand as part of a small team—which has given her the ability to spin many plates at the same time!

Nikki is a first-generation American who is passionate about the blurring of borders and the building of global networks. She is dedicated to turning empathy into action for the benefit of the planet and the many threatened species that call it home.