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Jenn Beening is an award-winning content creator with over a decade of experience managing digital communities, developing effective campaigns, and engaging global audiences in mission-based storytelling. She currently serves as Content Lead at MCJ Collective, a venture fund and climate community focused on breaking down knowledge silos and unleashing innovation.

Previously, Jenn led the content efforts at SeaWorld and Sesame Place in San Diego. She also spearheaded various initiatives involving communications, public relations, and social media during her time at San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. Jenn holds an M.A. in Biology with a focus on Environmental Stewardship and Community-Based Conservation from Miami University and a B.A. in Sociology and English from the University of Illinois at Chicago.


What draws you to support wildlife conservation and education?
I’ve always been fascinated by the interconnectedness of life on Earth. Humans depend on nature, wildlife and ecosystem services for survival and we have a duty to protect these spaces and species for generations to come. As a society, we are increasingly disconnected from Mother Nature but I’m a firm believer that with the right tools and education, we can inspire people to consciously care about the environment.  

Jenn Beening helping to plant habitat

What about working in social media do you like the most?
It’s amazing just how many people you can reach on social media platforms, but I equally enjoy the ability to develop creative stories that engage communities and raise awareness for important issues. 

What is one of the most memorable experiences in your career?
Traveling to Canada to see polar bears in the wild was an unforgettable experience that encouraged me to pursue my master’s in conservation biology. It was during this trip where I saw firsthand researchers working in the field and it was a testament to the lengths dedicated communities go to protect wildlife and nature. 

Jenn Beening

Who or what inspires you?
All of my fellow conservationists, especially Indigenous communities and early stewards of the land. 

Share with us a book or film that has had an impact on you.
The Overstory by Richard Powers is a beautifully crafted reminder of how nature brings us together and the implications of exploiting it. 

What do you find interesting about Madagascar and its wildlife?
The history of the island and the way isolation led to Madagascar’s incredible biodiversity is mind-blowing. It’s unlike any other place on Earth.