lew mills

Chief Operating Officer

Lew began his career as a psychotherapist, but he was always most interested in how people work on common goals. He received his PhD in Organizational Psychology, studying how groups grow and learn together. 

Lew has been a consultant for many small nonprofits, engaging team members to look for the ways to reinforce each other in pursuing their joint aspirations. As coordinator for a consumer advocacy organization, he brought together disparate support group leaders into a much more focused and capable supra-organization. Lew especially enjoys discovering ways to facilitate groups finding their own solutions. 

For Wildlife Madagascar, Lew is particularly interested in the “political ecology” aspects of making conservation work, especially for the people living in Madagascar. Lew has always advocated for a strong and reliable structure in the “back office” that supports a project’s efforts. By its very nature, conservation needs to be a team effort, and making strong teams ensures constant and effective progress. In his role with Wildlife Madagascar, Lew seeks to provide that support and help achieve success in this conservation endeavor.