Delaïd Claudin Rasamisoa

Project Manager

Q&A with Delaïd Rasamisoa

What draws you to a career in wildlife conservation?

I have seen firsthand the continuing loss of habitat and wildlife throughout Madagascar, and, like the objectives of Wildlife Madagascar, I want to ensure the long-term existence of my country’s unique biodiversity.

What is one of the most memorable experiences in your career so far?

Managing a large conservation research team working on many different projects in Masoala National Park.  

Who or what inspires you?

Madagascar’s biodiversity 

Is there a book or film that has influenced you or made a strong impression?

The Lemurs of Madagascar field guidebook inspired me a lot as a student, showing me the incredible diversity of lemurs. As it is now in its 5th edition, I would one day love to see my name listed among the contributors.

What do you love about Madagascar and its wildlife?

Everything! Madagascar is blessed with unique wildlife found nowhere else on Earth. Also, the Malagasy people and our culture make this an incredible place that I am proud to call home.